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Hi,  I’m Lindasue

I’m a 60 year old  retired  RN.  I have been living in  Syracuse, NY for the past 31 years.

It All began with a Deep Desire to know God.

For years I struggled for a Closer relationship with God.  My Spirit longed for Certain Things in Him.  I was Stired at the Thought of doing Exploits For God  Because the more He Intervined in my Life, the More I wanted to Serve Him.  I wanted to Experience New Joys in My Life, to Reach Higher Heights and Deeper Depths in God…

As God revealed  His Power through His  Word, I became more  drawn in participating  in discussions through classes, bible studies, teachings and reading articles. I have obtained a  better understanding of what God means to me and what His Desires are for His Children in Christ Jesus.

I am able to share that with you .Through self expression of my Faith and through writing what God has Shown to me.

If You have been Saved by the Grace of God, You have a Calling on your Life. His Plans and His Purpose for You is Being Revealed by His Spirit.

Thank you for visiting my pages.

God Bless :)) Smiles ♡
Enough said…

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